Neos doesn't aim to think outside of the box - Neos wants to throw the box out entirely.
Combining convenience, functionality and innovation Neos offers unlimited possibilities and endless flexibility.

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We are defying boundaries and redefining standards.

Real World Usability

Neos development is moving in a steady and reliable direction towards bridging the gap between merchants and consumers.

Live Pool Stats

Are you mining Neos? Enjoy the convenience of monitoring your performance on our pools without having to leave Neos!

In-App Trading

The days of needing to navigate to your preferred exchanges to trade are now gone. Execute orders, deposit, and monitor performance directly from Neos.

v2 is HERE!

Set to out-do v1 on every possible level, v2 boasts even more functionality, unseen features, and a smoother experience.

Neos Specifications

Algorithm: SHA-256

Total coins: 21 Million (after the 21 million cap, a perpetual reward of 0.0625 remains per block to keep the chain moving)

Halving every: 210,000 blocks

Fair launch: Block 2 - 1001 the block reward was 0.1. Block 1002+ normal block reward

Block reward: 50 NEOS

Block time: 5 minutes

Tx fees: 0.00000001

Block confirmations: 120

Transaction confirmations: 6

Difficulty adjustment: per block (Dark Gravity Wave)

Launch date: 8/24/14 5PM EST

Coins offered in ICO: 1,050,000.00

Why Neos?

Neos is different. How? In every way possible.

Neos isn't meant to be just a wallet, or another token to simply trade for Bitcoin. Neos is canvas on which every shade of every color can splash onto with ease. Our techniques may cause controversy, but we're ok with that.

  • SHA-256 Mining
  • Endless integration possibilities
  • Unique and innovative features
  • Spend Neos online or invest it
  • Completely dedicated team
  • New developments constantly
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We didn't want it to be the same old round rolling wheel.

Mission Statement

With the overwhelming amount of new crypto currencies surfacing daily, we didn't want Neos to be just another symbol on an exchange. We didn't want it to be the same old round rolling wheel either. Something that I feel sincerely stands Neos apart from many of the other options available is that our focus is on our community, not our monetary value.

We don't strive to push the value of Neos up, we let Neos do that for itself by actually listening to our community and actively developing and integrating the features they let us know they would make the most use of and like to have available. Without our community we really have no reason to sit behind these screens.

Neos is and never will be "finished" or "complete" and that was the way it was intended to be. By straying from the norm, we've opened up Neos to a world of endless possibilities for integration with many existing technologies and new ones in the future in our choice of language for development. Our methodologies, experience and daily interaction with the community truly enable us to constantly keep our creative engines finely tuned and running at full speed. We won't stop improving, building and fabricating until there's nothing more left to do.

This is our passion, our drive, and what we love to do above all else.

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